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What is Funeral 365?

Funeral 365 is a revolutionary cloud-based all-in-one management solution, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and caters to the funeral, cemetery and crematory industry to help achieve optimal accessibility and maximum security.

It is a solution built to ease day-to-day business operations and to allow improved efficiency levels, better achievement of growth objectives, and to deliver better family care.

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Streamline your operations to save time and reduce costs, allowing you to focus more on supporting grieving families.

Simplify your everyday life with Funeral 365

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Entry of on-site operations lets you collect the necessary data to corroborate and optimize the cost-effectiveness of each funeral service contract, as well as the company’s operations.

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Funeral 365 provides complete visibility over all your employees and sub-contractors, regardless
of the company, letting you organize your resources efficiently.

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Funeral 365 proposes a simplified web interface to register last wishes, plan tasks and collect onsite information, which combined with resources and family portal sites lets you collect and organize all funeral-related activities.

Explore what Funeral 365 can offer for each of these.

Funeral Homes
How does Funeral 365 elevate service offerings, enhance communication, and manage contracts effectively?
The Funeral 365 platform:

  • Streamlines planning, communication, and execution, improving profitability and care quality.

  • Facilitates real-time, seamless updates among staff, vendors, and families for clearer, prompt communication.

  • Allows for the creation, storage, and access of Pre & At-Need contracts anytime, anywhere, on any device.
How can you efficiently manage cemetery plot inventories with Funeral 365?

Funeral 365 enables:

  • Accurate pricing
  • Niche and crypt inventory 
  • Contact creation
  • Cemetery contract
  • Documents
  • Trust management
  • Plot inventory management
  • Work order management
  • Service scheduling
Information Technology
Can Funeral 365 adapt to our existing workflows and ensure data security while offering phased implementation and leveraging Microsoft technology for customization?
  • Yes, it’s highly adaptable for integration and customization to specific processes.

  • Funeral 365 uses the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform for customization and automation capabilities.

  • It is also possible to adopt modules in stages, enhancing collaboration and operational efficiency progressively.

  • Our platform guarantees data security with robust protections, encryption, secure storage, and regular audits, which can be monitored by IT via dashboards.
Accounting and Finance
What sets your financial system apart?

Funeral 365 provides detailed oversight of operations, resource allocation, and costs per case, ensuring accountability for every transaction.

How does Funeral 365 simplify financial management for my business? 

Funeral 365 provides:

  • Multi-entity management
  • Reporting
  • Fixed assets
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Vendor management
  • Internal transfers
  • Trust management
  • Purchases and sales
  • Inventory
How does Funeral 365 help with crematory operations? 
Funeral 365:
  • Tracks the deceased ensuring full chain of custody.
  • Manages scheduling.
  • Manages the staff who perform the cremation.
How does Funeral 365 improve mortuary care? 

Funeral 365 allows:

  • Easy scheduling of embalmers and Case Report Creation
  • Labor tracking.
  • Fluid tracking, inventory management.
Do we work with partners?

Currently we have 3 types of partners:

Referral partner: We work together to develop, generate and share business opportunities, leads and contacts. 

Marketing partner: We co-host live and/or online events together.

Vendor partner: We incorporate your products and service catalogue into our software platform.

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